Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer Birding at Kanha Nattional Park

On recent trip to Kanha with friends, I check listed some interesting birds. The park was completely devoid of winter visitors and this was an opportunity to map the skeleton of Kanha's resident avi fauna.

We were on a wild life safari combined with bird watching tour at Kanha in Central India. Kanha by all means has interesting bird species which numbers more than 250 in winters. In between the hot tiger chase I could manage to spot many birds and hear calls of that which we could not see.

Some of the birds sighted were.

Malabar Pied Horn Bill

Common Grey Horn Bill

Black Naped Monarch

Paradise Flycatcher

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher

White Browed Fan Tail Flycatcher

Indian Pitta

Black Hooded Oriole

Golden Oriole

Painted Francolin

Grey Francolin

Wooly Necked Stork

Lesser Adjutant Stork

Common Iora

Common Tailor Bird

Indian Scimitar Babbler (Calls)

Puff Throated Babbler

Jungle Babbler

Common Myna

Bamani Myna

Crested Serpent Eagle


Honey Buzzard

Back Rumped Vulture

Collared Scops Owl

Brown Fish Owl (Calls)

Spotted Owlet

Barn Owl

Red Wattled Lapwing

Cattle Egret

Little Egret

Large Egret

Long Tailed Minivet

Lesser Whistling Teal

Gold Fronted Leaf Bird

Purple Sun Bird

White Rumped Shama (Calls)

Ashy Prinia

Grey Breasted Prinia (Calls)

Plain Prinia

Plum Headed Parakeet

Alexanderine Parakeet

Rose Ringed Parakeet

Black Throated Munia

Rufus Treepie

Greater Coucal

Red Jungle Fowl

Painted Spur Fowl

Indian Night Jar (Calls)

White Eye (Calls)

Crested Tree Swift

Wire Tailed Swallow

Common Kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher

Lesser Pied Kingfisher

Greater Racket Tailed Drongo

Black Drongo

White Bellied Drongo

White Cheeked Ground Thrush

This popular National Park in India offers pleasant surprises for those in for holistic experience. People singularly obsessed with tiger chase miss lot. Bird life is a vital component of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh in India.