Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birding at Nauradehi India

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Sagar and Damoh districts in Madhya Pradesh in India. It is a dry deciduous forest type with interesting avi-fauna. On my recent survey I could sight many birds. We visited Nauradehi on April tenth, year 2010..

Common Woodshrike
Painted stork
Lesser adjutant stork
Lesser whistling teal
Golden oriole
White browed wagtail
Little egret
Cattle egret
Spotted dove
Ring Dove
Crested serpent eagle
Booted eagle
Plum headed parakeet
Common myna
Grey Heron
Sarus crane
Tree pie
Asian paradise flycatcher
Tickell's flower pecker
Chestnut shouldered petronia

Rose ringed parakeet
Crested Bunting
Greater Coucal
Small Minivet
White browed fantail flycatcher
White eye
Ashy Prinia

Plain Prinia

Red Vented Bulbul 
King Vulture
Changeable Hawk Eagle

Honey Buzzard
Black Winged Kite
Black Redstart
Common Tailorbird
Long Billed Vulture
White Backed Vulture
Egyptian Vulture
Orange Headed Ground Thrush
Green Sanpiper
Moustached Warbler
Common Sandpiper
Oriental Darter
Brahminy Myna
Pied Starling
Common Myna
Paddyfield Pipit
Rufous Tailed Lark
Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
Large Cuckoo Shrike
Grey Nightjar
Indian Nightjar
Temminck's Stint
Blyth's Reed Warbler

On further visits the checklist of birds will grow. The birding at Nauradehi shows great potential. A rare bird the spotted grey creeper is said to be found here. We were not fortunate enough to locate the bird.   
Nauradehi is a different ecosystem then Kanha and Bandhavgarh, being dryer and with different composition of floral elements. Bird tours here will be full of excitement and discovery.