Monday, April 29, 2013

Some exciting bird finds

My work as birding guide this year has been good. On my birding trip at Muchmucha near Bandhavgarh, I could locate a large herd of tufted duck. More than hundred flocked together in the water of Mahanadi Dam.

Muchmucha has been a good spot for birding with the added pleasure of locating the big cats. Situated right on the forests of Bandhavgarh the Muchmucha Lodge offers a unique experience of stay in the wild confines of Bandhavgarh National Park in Central India.  The reserve forests offers tiger safaris that are completely in isolation in undisturbed patches.  

The diverse habitats surrounding the Muchmucha Lodge offer a larger varieties of avian species to sight, photograph and film. 

The sighting and photography of  Black Eagle in Jabalpur has been a big surprise considering that this raptor frequents high reaches of Himalayas. That Bar Headed Geese were photographed at Pariat Lake in Jabalpur and the sightings of one lone Greater Flamingo has been heartening. 

It is still too early to understand the movements and spread of avian species in India. Well lot of work has been done by past ornithologists more is needed. The hope lies in a large number of young people taking to birding and photography. These are the hunter gatherers who will store evidence of  bird migration and perhaps the status.    

We had a good photography session at Muchmucha in Bandhavgarh in MP. The stay at the Muchmucha Lodge was a big treat. My client liked all that transpired, especially some lip smacking Indian Food. The accommodation is an ideal winter hideout for birders and wildlife photographers. Avinash Bhai the owner is an exceptional host and keeps the goodies flowing like in the old days whence big shots gathered here before the legislation for hunts.