Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bird watching in Gujarat

Gujarat though little known is heaven for bird watchers. The places that top the list for birding in Gujarat India are many but less known. I have visited few sanctuaries in the state and found impressive habitation of birds including migratory birds.

I have been to Nalsarovar and Thol on bird watching tours and check listed impressive list of Indian birds. The flamingos are present in Nalsarovar but less seen due rush of tourists that disturbs them. The tourists are mostly noisy picnickers. To see the Flamingos one need to boat for a distance of ten to twelve km with a knowledgeable boatmen in the wetland.   Both lesser and greater Flamingos can be seen.

One can see pelicans, grey lag goose, bar headed goose, spotbilled duck, common pochard, pintail, lesser whistling ducks, redheaded pochards, gargeny teals, gadwall, common teals and shovellers. One can see white tailed lapwing, shikra, greater spotted eagle, marsh harrier, orioles, honey buzzard, larks, pipits and pratincoles.      

Other interesting spots for birding in Gujarat are the Little and large Rann of Kutch for bustards, Flamingo and other desert species. The Gir National Park, Velavadar Sanctuary, Dasada, Jamnagar coast and many yet to be discovered.

During winters interesting birds can be sighted in and around Ahmedabad and other towns. Bird watching Gujarat though not in infancy still requires and organized chaecklist of wetlands, desert and forest birds.       

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