Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lesser Known Birding Destination MP

Birding in India is popular among inbound tourists to popular birding spots. There is a goldmine of birding destinations in India yet to be explored. Very little work has been done in these destinations that promise exciting discoveries or better understanding of avian distribution in India. 

Birding in India is a commercial venture organized by many tour companies. Birding as hobby has yet to increase to a higher level of involvement. The reasons could be popularity of wildlife and bird photography, cost of optics and perhaps lack of encouragement etc.

Nevertheless people are becoming aware of the avian friends in the neighborhood all over the country.

I have visited many places in Central India that offer good birding potential but have yet to be explored.   

Pachmarhi  = High altitude variation, diverse flora, cold climate.
Satpura Tiger Reserve = Large Reservoir, Dense Forest Canopy Altitude Variation.
=   High altitude variation, diverse flora, cold climate.
Nauradehi WLS =  Dry Deciduous Forest, Grasslands, Scrub and  Fields.
Kanha National Park - Tiger Reserve
Bandhavgarh National Park
- Tiger Reserve
Pench National Park - Tiger Reserve

Geographical position of Central India makes in ideal to score for taxa from different regions of India and migrants. Organized and guided bird watching in Madhya Pradesh is the best option. Though not in regular birding path the expedition would be rewarding.

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