Sunday, April 23, 2017

Birds of Kanha - Spot Bellied Eagle Owl

Jonathan & Emma UK
Guest Courtyard House Kanha
Date 20/4/2017

On recent visit to Kanha National Park we came around interesting birds. In summer time winter migrants are not seen leaving the sandpipers and black redstart which leave a little later.  But March onwards Kanha National Park in Central India is ideal for summer birding. In this period one can find some of the migratory bird species and as the summer increases and foliage reduces resident species are seen all over.  

Hence it is delightful experience to find summer residents some of which are hidden in the dense canopy or bush during the winters. The added advantage is that many water sources become redundant and birds conscribing to various niche habitats gather around the remaining water holes, stream and lakes. 

Many a discoveries are made during this period of avian that are not checklisted earlier at this tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. 

On this trip we came across Spot Bellied Eagle Owl perched high on a skeletal branch. In the initial stages the guide pronounced it as Brown Fish Owl but I was not convinced. Hence looking through the binoculars I could make out that it was Spot Bellied Eagle Owl without any doubt. An image has been taken of this species at the same time which I am expecting to be sent.               

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