Friday, April 24, 2009

Birding at Chambal River Sanctuary

Though primarily notified to protect marsh crocodiles and gharials Chambal River sanctuary offers a fine birding opportunity. The river passes through many states chiefly Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in India.

Chambal is visited by tourist on bird watching tours for check listing birds like the Indian Skimmer along with Bar Headed goose and Ruddy Shelled ducks. For birding a cruise on the river offers sightings of Indian Skimmers, River and Black Bellied terns, Raptors like Bonelli’s Eagle, Booted Eagle and Long Legged buzzard. The added attraction of is sighting crocodiles, gharials and river dolphins.

On the river banks a birder can see sand larks, pratincole, ruddy breasted crakes, wheatears and raptors. The skimmers are the star attraction among birding groups. Chambal is the breeding grounds for skimmers in India.

Wintering ducks like shovellers, pintails, common teals and many others can be seen here in cold seasons.

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