Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Northern Taxa in Kanha

Kanha is home to very many birds but in winters birds from North and Himalayan Foothills arrive to escape winters. See the images below by John Matthai.  In addition I have seen Pallas's Fish Eagle, Black Eagle, Gray Stonechat, Tickell's Warbler, Hume's and Greenish Warbler, Suplhur Bellied Warbler, Black Redstart, Streak Throated Woodpecker, Yellow Naped Woodpecker,  Bar Winged Flycatcher Shrike, Grey Headed Fish Eagle and Wintering Ducks. The ever increasing avian wonders in Kanha hold lot of surprise. No wonder the tiger reserve is being visited by birders from all over the World.     
Brahminy Duck

Bar Headed Geese at Jabalpur Near Kanha

Northern Shovelar

Black Necked Crane

Gray Headed Canary Flycatcher

Red Headed Bunting

Ultramarine Flycatcher 

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